Blue Honey

What is Blue Honey?

Blue Honey is the term for honey that has been infused with ground psilocybin mushroom from whole fruit, then left to sit for a prolonged period of time.

In this case, ground psilocybin mushroom is stored in a glass mason jar for a minimum of 1 month and up to 4 months before being transferred into plastic tubes straws.

While jarred in the honey, the compounds within the mushrooms slowly leak into the honey and can turn it blue, hence the name “Blue Honey”.

The more blue-ish and proned to bruising the strain of mushroom is, the darker the appearance of the honey will become.

Not all strains will turn the honey blue and this does not mean that the potency of the honey has been minimized.

In fact, the honey will leach all of the psychoactive compounds into the honey, creating a new & powerful synergistic blend.

Simply put, the longer it sits in its psychedelic goodness, the more potent the honey.

Why Blue Honey?

Throughout history, honey has been an ancient method used to preserve fruits & food. In some cultures, honey was more readily available than salt and was an easy & effective way of preservation.

When soaked in honey, it will never go bad or start to ferment if it is kept sealed and in proper conditions – cool & dry.

Most of us do not enjoy consuming dried mushrooms in whole form. Psilocybin infused honey takes all the texture and taste of mushrooms away and makes it a sweet little treat. It makes the mushroom taste good!

If you have stomach issues or a weak gut, the honey sticks are a perfect way to consume psilocybin.

It can be put in your lemon ginger tea, smoothie, yogurt or taken straight from the straw tube.

How to Dose Blue Honey?

Psilocybin infused honey is known to deliver smooth and rapid punch causing a shift to come on as early as 25 minutes.

The experience is said to be very clean, therapeutic and magical, taking you deep for hours.

As the effects start to taper off, expect the afterglow to be very soothing and comforting.

Feelings of wholeness and a refreshed outlook is common afterwards, lasting up to many days and weeks.

This can be the opportune time to create new and positive habits as you follow through with your intentions and reframe your subconscious.

In order to gauge the strength and potency of the honey, the eyeball test for the colour blue will, most likely, not be enough.

It is best practice to take the honey in small intermittent servings so that you can understand what you are dealing with.

If you are to consume 12 honey sticks or 2 pouches plus, it may be prudent to have someone you trust nearby.

Classical music, eye blinds & a comfy blanket is always highly recommended.

Tips on Consuming

If the honey sticks have been crystallized, soak the sticks in a warm water bath until it becomes runny.

If the sticks are hard to open with your teeth, put some pressure with your fingers on the bottom end before biting the top end.

Feeling adventurous?

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