How To Dose

You’ve heard from a trusted friend about how taking small amounts of magic mushrooms had brought positive change to his once stagnant life.

You do some googling, listen to a few podcasts and watch some Youtube videos, hungry for more information on this subject.

You find some seemingly trust worthy site to buy from, do some online research on the companies and eventually order some products to try.

As you anticipate the arrival of the package, some questions start to pop up so you message your friend while googling every question that pops into your head.

You’re on the online communities, skimming through threads and posting questions, just to find yourself in the exact spot where you had started.


“How much should I take?”

“How often should I take it?”

“How should I feel?”

“Will I get high?”

“How long does it take before it works?”

“How do I know it’s working?”


These are some common questions for someone who is new to microdosing.

The lack of a clear-cut answer can leave some beginners feeling unequipped and frustrated at the road ahead. The truth is, there is no simple and clear cut route to the answer.

Whether it be cooking a homemade meal, blending a smoothie, taking supplements or prescription medications, we’ve been conditioned to read the labels and follow the directions. Following directions can be important and a precaution for undesired outcomes. However, psychedelics can be a little more complex than that.

This depth and complexity may be a calling for more attentiveness and awareness towards the experience; something akin to building a meaningful relationship. That may be the difference between microdosing psilocybin and taking a pharmaceutical drug.

On one hand, one school of practice is to prescribe a one-size-fits-all dosing plan while on the other, the approach is acknowledging our differences and allowing room for experimentation, self reflection and a personal first hand experience on how the psilocybin can intimately work within us.

Macrodosing – taking a larger amount (1.5 grams – 5 grams or more) – can be a life changing experience and a great way to hit the reset button.

However, the information brought back can be hard to describe or put into context. Some memories of the experience can easily slip away, similar to waking up from a dream. You may remember some parts clearly and hold onto the memory for a long period of time or you may forget most of it when you wake up. The feelings from the experience can carry on but the specific messages can seem blurry and hard to decipher.

Tim Ferriss, known for his huge support and safe use of psychedelics, is known to Macrodose every 6 – 8 weeks (2.2 – 3.5 g of ground mushroom in chocolate). In between, he has his personal microdosing schedule (twice weekly, on Monday & Friday).

Microdosing (anything up to 500mg) can be very effective in healing us over time. Taking a small amount of psilocybin is known to shift our perspectives, giving new windows of opportunity to see things through a different lens. It can be very positive, honest & refreshing.

The ability to recall your “Aha” moments – jot them down, ponder them, then put them into immediate action – can be at a much higher rate because you’re operating through a completely aware and full functioning state.

When the influence is subtle and consistent during your week, life starts to change without too much notice. And they add up.

When a boat is off by half a degree on route to it’s destination, it will eventually end up elsewhere. However, it was not noticeable at the time of travel.

This type of change can be freeing, realistic & long-lasting. And microdosing psilocybin can work like that.

Please read over our “Dosing Guide” page and take it as an overall guide. These entheogens should be taken with respect as taking too much without the proper preparation can be an uncomfortable experience. Take your time. There can be a lot to learn about between you and the fungi.